Alfon Engineering provide innovative thinking and consistant high quality service.  Our  highly skilled qualified personnel and wider range of machinery, gives us the capability to complete projects for a diverse range of industries including Automotive, Aviation, Construction, Defence, Medical, Mining and more.


Aflon Engineering has large capacity cnc milling machines that have been used to machine parts for the Land M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier upgrade.

Alfon has been successfully involved with BAE Systems on this project since January 2009.

Detailed planning and implementation of processes as well as thorough inspection and reporting are the keystones to our success.

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Turret, gun mounting, sight mount, hatch, deck plates, bearing rings, drilling fixtures machined by Alfon Engineering. (Picture courtesy of BAE Systems) 


Alfon Engineering has worked closely with the Royal Adelaide Hospital and University of Adelaide designing and manufacturing the Rigidyne External Fixation System.

External Fixators were developed historically to fix broken bones. Modern External Fixators have refined this further and are now used to stablise fractures, to enhance fracture healing, for leg lengthening and for bone transport.

The Ridgidyne Fixator system comprises a Monolatural Fixator design and a Modular (pins and rods) Fixator design, to provide greater versatility.

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The Monolateral System comprises a Rigid Fixator, which is ideal for civil defence and for military use and a Dynamising Fixator to promote fracture healing.

The Military Fixator is a compact device, containing all the required instruments and is designed to transform into a brace and bit to insert fixator pins and then convert to a Rigid Monolateral Frame.

The Dynmaising Fixator provides reciprocal, axial, micro-motion to optimally reproduce  the mechanical enviroment of a healing fracture and promote fracture healing.

Some fractures are highly comminuted (many pieces) that requires a most versatile fixator frame, for which the Rigidyne Modular Fixator was designed,. 


Alfon Engineering has the capacity to machine very large fabrications for the mining industry.

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We currently machine parts for Birrana Engineering, MacMahon, RCR limited Krueger Engineering and Epiorc Australia.

The parts include vibrating feeders, 5ft/6ft. Reamers, winch drums, drum pedestals, brake pedestals, winch bases, schooner bases, 8ft wings, pivot eyes, truck spindles, carrier plates, shaft yokes and slurry bearing rings.